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E-Series Wound Depth Cartridges


Our wound cartridges offer a gradual pressure increase during cartridge life instead of the abrupt flow cutoff experienced with competitor's cartridges.

Features and Benefits

bullet Offered in a wide variety of lengths from 4in. to 50in., and diameters from 1.5in. to 4.5in. OD for easy vessel fittings.
bullet The E-Series cartridge is available in the following media: Polypropylene Industrial, Polypropylene FDA, Xtrupor, Polypropylene Fibrilated, Bleach Cotton, Bleach Cotton FDA, Natural Cotton, Acrylic, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon, and Glass.
bullet Core Covers offered in cotton, polypropylene, polyester, paper, glass, and membrane for excellent fiber migration protection.
bullet 304SS, 316SS, and Tin steel extended center cores are available, as well as, a polypropylene snap-in extender.

Selection Guide (E-Series)

P 5 A 10 P C 03
Type Micron Rating Cartidge Diameter Length Iin Inches Core Covers Modifier
P=Polypropylene 0.5 T=1 1/2" 4 5 P=PP C=Compatible 02=316 Ext
PP=Polypropyle FDA 1 R=1 3/4" 6 9.8 A=303SS E=Polyester 03=PP Ext
PX=Xtrupor 3 B=2" 10 12 S=316SS M=Membrane 05=Mushroom Plug
5 F=2 3/8" 12.5 19.5 C=1.56 Steel G=Glass 06=PP Closed End Cap
C=Bleach Cotton 10 A=2 1/2" 20 27 D=1.22 PP   07=PP Double Open Ended Cap
CC=Bleach Cotton FDA 20 S=2 5/8" 29.3 29.5 F=Glass PP   08=222 O-ring
CN=Natural Cotton 25 C= 2 11/16" 30 36 M=1.56 PP   09=226 O-ring
R=Rayon 30 D=2 3/4" 38 39 W=PP HW   10=Spear/Bay
A=Acrylic 50 E=3" 40 50 T=EPT   15=Sodium Silicate
PE=Polyester 75 H=3 1/8"         17=Crimped Core
N=Nylon 100 J=3 1/2"         18=Gaskets
G=Glass 200 M=4"         23=Metal Spring
  250 W=4 1/4"         24=PP Spring
  400 N=4 1/2"        





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