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Filter Bags:

liquid filter bags : a very cost-effective filtration solution for a variety of applications-we can retrofit any brand of bag chamber

high efficiency filter bags : when high dirt loading capacity or absolute efficiency is required

welded seam filter bags: eliminates bypass through needle holes and provides added strength

Cartridge Elements:

porous metal cartridges: porous (sintered) reusable filter elements

stainless steel wire mesh cartridges

metal fiber cartridges: sintered metal fleece with higher porosity

sintered wire mesh elements: very rugged stainless construction with high flow rates

wound filter cartridges: low cost depth filtration

meltblown (polybonded) filter cartridges: economical depth filters-best used in low viscosity applications

pleated & membrane filter cartridges: for ultrafiltration and microfiltration applications

big blue replacement cartridges: both pleated and wound retrofits are available

resin-bonded filter cartridges: for inks, coatings, adhesives and other higher viscosity applications

Filter Housings and Strainers:

single bag and cartridge housings: choose from the large selection of sizes and materials to handle your fluid clarification needs

multiple and duplex bag chambers: for higher flow rates and uninterrupted service

replacement baskets: brand name replacements and custom sizes available

mesh-lined strainer baskets: washable-offers cost savings relative to disposable media

steel screen filters

Other Items:

backwash filter media (elements)

porous bronze parts

porous parts (discs, cups, sheets)

steel screens for custom applications

o-rings, gaskets, grommets, oil seals



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