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Sintered Parts (Axial):

SIKA-R...AX filter elements are manufactured by co-axial pressing. A wide range of different geometries can be obtained by means of this pressing process. The pore size is made to measure from 0.5 Ám to 200 Ám. Sintering turns SIKA-R...AX elements into dimensionally stable, metallically strong components which can be used as self-supporting constructional elements. The pores are fixed in terms of size and position. A special production technique allows the joining between porous and solid materials in a compacting process, resulting in so-called filter modules.
Axial Parts Brochure (pdf: 440 kb) Details sizes, materials, flow rates and construction information.

Porous Discs from .05" in diameter to 12.44". Available tool sizes are listed in the brochure indicated above.

Sintered Open-Ended Cylinders

Cups/ Closed End Cylinders

Porous Sheets/ Plates: up to a maximum of 7.87" x 11.81" with no weld seams.


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