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Sintered (Porous) Metal Filters

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Sintered Metal Filter Cartridges:

Pyramid Technologies is an authorized seller of porous metal elements. Porous metal filters have a wide variety of industrial filter uses. These reusable, high quality filters are ideal for liquid filtration and gas filter applications. 

Porous metal is a proven, reliable, long-lasting media for efficient particle capture, flow restriction, sound attenuation, and gas/liquid contacting. For improved flow and backwash characteristics, Metal Fiber Media is also available. Liquid micron ratings of 0.1 to 3.0 can be obtained with Metal Membrane Elements. 

Porous metal filter elements are manufactured by using a strictly controlled sintering process that produces uniformly-sized pores in micron ratings from 0.5 to 200.

Sintered metal media can be cleaned for continuous reuse through a variety of techniques. Particulates are easily removed by using blowback (gas) or backwash (liquid) cleansing methods, restoring the sintered media nearly to its original efficiency.

Materials Available:

bullet304 and 316 Stainless Steel
bulletHastelloy B, C, 276 and X
bulletInconel 600/ 625
bulletNickel 200

Download a Material Data Sheet (412kb) for information on all materials offered, temperature limits, etc.

sinter metal particulate filter

Extended Media Life: porous media maintains high filtration efficiency through years of continuous use.

High Heat Tolerance: all metal construction and welded joints and seams can withstand high temperatures, even in oxidizing atmospheres.

Download pdf Brochure 2.1MB
This brochure covers the following:

porous tube properties


filter grades with porosity and permeability


pore size distribution


pressure drop vs. flow charts


bubble point test information


tube size and configuration options (tool sizes available)


Porous Cartridge Specifications:

Tube Diameter: 3/8" OD to 12.5 " OD

Nominal Pore Sizes: 0.5 to 200 microns

Filter Surface Area (based on 2.75" OD cylinder):

10":   .54 sq. ft.
20": 1.08 sq. ft.
30": 1.62 sq. ft.
40": 2.16 sq. ft.

Wall Thickness: standard 3 mm thickness provides a collapse pressure of 160 psid for a 2.5" OD tube, and a burst pressure of 390 psid. Maximum collapse and burst values increase as the tube OD decreases.

Production and Materials: 

All ingot metallurgical materials can be produced as powder.

Shape, size and distribution of the powder particles are important parameters which effect the properties of high porosity sintered components. Besides permeability , grade efficiency and mechanical strength, the corrosion resistance is often of prime importance for the field of application.

Porous metal filter elements can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials depending on the requirement. The most important materials are stainless steel alloys as well as Nickel, Titanium, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and other special materials.

These sintered metal elements are produced by cold isostatic pressing. For the compaction process the metal powder is filled into the compacting tool of combined steel and elastic material. By use of all around effective pressure build-up in a liquid, uniform porosity in the press part will be obtained and thereby homogeneous, physical characteristic properties will be guaranteed over the total part.

By this processing method the manufacture of seamless filter elements up to 1200 mm length and 320 mm diameter by differential wall thicknesses is possible. The isostatic pressing allows simultaneous compaction of flanges and threads. Thereby the mounting of such porous filter cartridges and filter tubes in the filter apparatus is very much simplified. A characteristic of the isostatic technique, as opposed to other manufacturing technologies is that smaller quantities can also be economically produced.
See cleaning porous filter cartridges

Flow/ Pressure Drop Data:


After the removal of the compacted part, the sintering is carried out in special suitable furnaces.

Sintering, the fundamental processing step for all porous metal products, means bonding of powder particles through diffusion at temperatures well below the melting point. In any micron range, after the sintering process, no physical limits between the original metal powder particles are any longer in existence. The grain boundaries run over the original particle boundaries.

Sintering gives the high porosity material its shape-stability and properties of a metallically strong component. 

The pores after the sintering process are mechanically fixed in respect to size and position.

Common Applications: 


Catalyst separation and recovery

bulletPolishing of corrosive liquids and gases
bulletProcess steam filtration
bulletPrecoat filtration
bulletHigh-temperature liquids and gases
bulletCryogenic fluids
bulletSolvents, ketones, esters, amines, liquid hydrocarbons, polymers
bulletGuard filtration for fixed bed reactor
bulletProcess steam filtration
bulletCatalyst recovery from hydrogenation reactors
bulletPolishing of syrups, liquors and other liquids
bulletCatalyst removal from flavor ingredients and other food specialties
bulletActivated carbon removal, decolorization

Gas Filtration


Aerosol separation







Please contact us for information and quotes on these other porous products:

Discs: from 1/16" to 11" OD
Cups and Bushings: up to 2" OD, 3" length
Plates: up to an 7" x 11'' continuous piece. Larger sheets welded together.
Flow Control Devices: examples include flow restrictors, vent plugs and delay valves
Breathers and Pressure Equalizers
Flame Arrestors: block flames with porous structure
Rollers and Applicators: uniform porosity ideal for applicators and roll handling equipment
Spargers: increase surface area when introducing gas into liquids
Fluidizers: enhance material flow characteristics
Gauge Snubbers: provides a dampening effect on pressure spikes
Silencers: muffle noise while allowing free flow of escaping gases

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