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Pleated and Membrane Filter Cartridges

For microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications in the chemical, water, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, food & beverage, electronics and other industries, we carry pleated and membrane filter cartridges to fit your critical fluid clarification needs. 

Check here for more application specific details. We also carry pleated stainless steel  and porous elements  for high temperature, cleanable service.


For Pleated Cartridge-Microfiltration Applications:

Absolute ratings starting at .2 microns.

Media such as Polypropylene, Glass Microfiber, Polyester, Cellulose/Synthetic, Nylon, PTFE Membrane and Polyethersulfone available. 

Check here for pleated cartridge part numbers and here for a chemical compatibility chart.

Replacements for brands such as Pall®, Commercial®, Filterite® (US Filter), Cuno®, Meissner®, and many others.


Complete line of Cartridge Filter Vessels available.

Cartridges Offered:
bulletabsolute rated depth
bullethigh surface area, pleated
bulletasymmetric membrane
bulletfluoropolymer membrane
bulletlengths up to 40”
bulletconsult us for psid and temperature ratings
Brochure on our polypropylene pleated elements:   (PDF Format)

Absolute PES Membrane Membrane Media Cartridges

Pentaflex™ Membrane Media Cartridges are available for general purpose filtration and for the specialized needs of the food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical and high-purity chemical industries.


  • Commercial
  • Deionized Water Systems
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Use Water
  • Industrial
  • Post-filter for RP Systems
  • Download Brochure: 185 kb PDF File

    Also, see Housings.

    Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.


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    Pleated & Membrane Cartridge Applications:

    Chemicals and Polymers: 

    bulletCatalyst Recovery and Protection: disposable or metallic filters for low solids loading, backwash filters for high loading.
    bulletFinished Product: ensure high product quality by removing contaminants along with byproducts of the reactions.

    Resins, Coatings and Inks:

    bulletIncrease product quality of raw materials, intermediates and feed streams
    bulletRemove agglomerates and contamination from shipping containers
    bulletFilter DI water to eliminate any process or tank contaminants
    bulletUtilize filters such as mesh bags or resin-bonded cartridges for higher viscosity streams
    bulletGreater long term stability in electrocoat (e-coat) paint recovery


    bulletProtection of RO equipment with pre-filters
    bulletResin trap filters to capture fine particulate generated form ion exchange beds
    bulletRemoval of harmful contaminants from recirculating plating baths and board cleaning operations
    bulletDI water purification
    bulletWaste stream clarification to reduce disposal costs


    bulletRemoval of DE fines and yeast. Backwash systems available for higher dirt loading applications
    bulletChlorine, organics and particulate removal in brewing and blending water
    bulletPurify keg, bottle and sanitizing water to avoid contamination

    Let us put the right filtration system together for your application.

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