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Sintered Metal Fiber Cartridges

Similar in composition to porous metal media, metal fiber media has one distinct advantage: higher porosity resulting in lower pressure drops and more efficient cleaning or backpulsing. 
Metal fiber filtration media is composed of very small fibers from stainless steel or other alloys. These small fibers are sintered to form a stable matrix.

extremely high porosity (up to 87%)

bulletcapable of higher flow rates
bulletlonger on-stream life
bulletlower pressure drop

thin membrane

bulletcleanable (chemical, backflush, backpulse, ultrasonic)
bulleteasy to pleat and shape

high temperature resistance

bulletstainless steel material
bullethigh chemical and corrosion resistance
bulletnot brittle
bulletchemical cleaning possible
bulletlow thermal expansion
bulletno thermal shock


bulletliquid micron ratings from 1 to 100 (much tighter for gas applications)
bulletsupport structure can be varied to accommodate higher differential pressures
bulletthicker media can provide higher dirt loading capacity and higher porosity
bulletmany end configuration connection types available

Download pdf brochure on Metal Fiber Media. (1000 kb)

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