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Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridges

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BE Polypropylene & BN Nylon Series Elements


We carry the American Meltblown and Filtration (AMBF) line of meltblown cartridges.

bulletAMBFs Melt Blown elements are manufactured in-house with the fastest, most modern equipment ever produced, giving you the highest quality filter on the market today
bullet Elements are made from 1 to 100 micron in standard, high efficiency, absolute and heavy duty grades, giving you control of your filtration process
bullet Elements are also produced with an integrated 3 stage process yielding true depth filtration
bullet All elements are made with FDA compliant material for food and beverage contact under CFR Title 21
bullet Elements are produced in standard and custom sizes to meet all applications
bullet End caps are thermally welded onto the cartridge with no use of glue or other binders
bullet Elements are produced with 100% polypropylene or nylon materials
bullet Elements can be produced with or without a core depending on your application
bullet BE Meltblown Cartridges are Tested and Certified to:

         NSF/ ANSI 61 Standard & NSF/ ANSI 42 Standard for Component




Product Specifications  
Micron Ratings 1, 3 ,5 ,10 ,20 ,25 ,30 ,50 ,75 & 100 micron
Construction Polypropylene or Nylon
Optional Core & End Caps Polypropylene
Maximum Operating Temperature 155F for Polypropylene
300F for Nylon
Diameter O.D. - 2.5" to 4.5"
I.D. - 1 center
Nominal Lengths 9.75" to 50"

Maximum Differential Pressure

35 psid with a core
20 psid without a core


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